All my life, I have loved to help people feel extraordinary about themselves. It is truly a passion of mine and I believe that it shines through in not only the services I provide, but in the relationships I have built with my clients. Everyone deserves to feel amazing and that is what I want to help you achieve. I like to think that the services I provide truly benefit not only your skin, but your mind, body and soul.

With this inherent passion comes a strong drive to stay up to date and knowledgeable about the best practices and products in the business. I believe that I can only remain at the top of my field by constantly remaining educated in the most innovative skin care practices.

I received my Clinical Esthetician’s license from San Jose State in 1999, and since have received more than 20 additional certifications. I opened my private practice in 2000, and ultimately landed my dream location - Jenny’s of Los Gatos.

I believe in a personalized approach to skincare and spa services – this is not your cookie cutter spa experience. Not only will you feel pampered, but I will also do my best to educate you about your skin type, and how to best take care of it. Each person has a unique chemistry, and hormones, sleep, stress, diet and lifestyle in general all have a huge impact on our skin. I understand each client’s specific skin type, how it changes over time, and prefer to customize my skincare treatments to suit specific individual needs.

I am a very results-driven individual. Inspired by my own history of skin troubles, I feel a strong sense of motivation to help people look and feel their best, and therefore my clients enjoy instant gratification. My goal is that you will learn about your own skin, and how best to care for it at home so you can always look incredible.